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Treatment Packages

Goddess Divine

1 exfoliation, 1 mask,
1 pedicure, 1 massage
and 2 nights, 3 days with
3 healthy breakfasts to start the day = $370.
Discount of 10% if 2 or more people come for the fun, up to 6 friends.

Facial MAke over

1 Exfoliation, 1 Mask,
1 Micro current treatment,
1 bump treatment.
optional additions include
permanent make-eyebrows
or hyluronic acid (Restylan)
for wrinkles or
lip enhancement ($150)
4 days, 3 nights,
breakfast daily $470

Relax Me

Breathing training and practice each day, Korean Hot Stone Massage,
Passion Flower spearmint
body scrub, photo facial.
$520 (40% reduction)
4 days, 3 nights with,
healthy breakfast.

I'm a guy

Massage, pedicure,
bump removal, body scrub,
micro-current treatment, breakfast each day.
4 days, 3 nights.
$480 a $255 savings.


Juice fast 4 days,
food combining education,
breathing training,
2 x Body scrub,
2 x micro current detox,
1 massage, six healthy meals (breakfast)
7days, 6 nights.

The CapnographBefore and After

Here at The Mango Tree Spa & Healing Arts Center, we have designed a host of treatments and programs to suit everyone, at whatever stage of wellness they find themselves. We can tailor-make a program of treatments to meet your exact requirements, or you can simply book one or several treatments, as you desire.

Treatment Type Price

Natural Exfoliation: Mango - This is the perfect exfoliator with the effect of a fruited application at the same time. This fruit is full of vitamin A and the seed contains oil similar to cocoa butter
Coconut Ginger Lime Scrub
- A local version of a facial scrub that has built in wrinkle reducing properties

Moisturizing: Papaya/Pineapple exfoliation with coconut, ginger and honey - We are using natural acids (alpha-hydroxy) which are mainly present in fruit for natural skin peeling to reveal fresh skin...similar to exfoliation but effected through natural fruit acids rather than exfoliating chemical creams $90
LLuvia Crystal Exfoliation with Amazon Herbs followed by Lluvia - Mineral rich skin refining therapy folllowed by antioxidant skin renewal therapy. $45
Camu Serum - Camu Camu fruit has more than 4000 times the vitamin C of an orange $35
Papaya Pumpkin Facial - A Balinese secret that will leave your face fresh and glowing $45
Hibiscus Aloe Moisturizer - This combination is highly mucilagenous and is very beneficial to dry skin $30
Natural Masks
- Papaya (1/2 hour) - Even your freckles will be lightened ....Whitening
- Avocado/cream/carrot (45 min) - Mask is rich in Vit-E, beta-carotene and anti-oxidents, calcium and proteins. These will serve to rebuild collegen, improve skin tone and texture and fade age spots.....Moisturizing
- Pineapple/Olive Oil - This mask counteracts histamines, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a mild astringent
- Coconut-Ginger-Honey - this COOL mask is particularly soothing on sunburn and is skin regenerative
$45 each
Infra-red Stone Massage: (45mins) with pulsed infrared, high, mid, low, non-pulsed high intensive infrared, closes with blue light (tonic), head massage $85
Deep Tissue Massage: (55mins) $65
Costa Rican Lymph Massage: (55mins) $60
Swedish Massage (55mins): $65
Therapeutic: combination of Swedish, Deep, and intuitive energy work (55 mins) $65
Special Massage offerings see our visiting practitioners, and the treatments they have on offer.
MICRO-CURRENT FACIALS: Restores collagen, tones and tightens. Second only to stem cell therapy in its regenerative ability. There is no down time. $80
PHOTO FACIALS: Our cells are photo-receptors and respond like photo synthesis in plants, thus allowing stimulation for the production of new collagen. The best part is there is no down time. $80
WRINKLE LINES: Skin needling stimulates the area treated to produce collagen. $15

HATHA YOGA: Relax, move and heal. Come and discover your body. Different types of yoga offered seasonally.
ANUSARA YOGA: (January thru June)
HOT YOGA: (Decmeber 14th thru January 9th) Mornings at 7:00

Learn PROPER breathing. WITNESS the correctness of your breathing with a capnograph. Learn about exhalation and how important it is to oxygen availability. Over 60% of the population is hyperventilating seriously and does not know it.
Individual sessions: 1-2 hours
NEW : workshop Alkalize your body with proper breathing and raw foods for optimum health (Mango Rose and Eric Rifkin) Date to be announced. Click HERE or on the image to find out more.
Treat yourself to our scented pedicures: Mango Coconut scented pedicure with decorative polish.(1 hour)
Fruit pedicure: - Pineapple coconut milk footbath laced with ginger flowers or hibiscus to soothe and tenderize calluses with the keratolytic effects of Bromelain. This is followed by a mango husk sea salt scrub to loosen dead skin.oil and Costa Rican honey. $50
Bump removal
Rid yourself of those ugly bumps, moles, skin tags and age spots. We use a Japanese instrument that dries up unsightly bumps immediately. No blisters and thus, much safer.
Cost per treatment:
1 bump:
5 bumps:
12 bumps:
Permanent cosmetics
All treatments include one free touch-up if done within 45 days. All treatments done by hand, are virtually pain free and there is no down time, bruising, etc. You can go back to work or play immediately.
EAT for BEAUTY: with mineral, alkaline-rich, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory foods. Internal Beauty leads to External Beauty.
Food consultation: Watch this space for future offerings
Heart health and other lifestyle-changing programs offered by medical experts and/or other masters. Price on application.