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This southern zone is also known for huge granite round spheres that are still puzzling archeologist as to their origin, timing and reason for their construction.  Just recently the spheres that were taken to San Jose and other locations have been returned to this area as they are part of the culture of this region. 

indian spheresWas Central America the site if not the center of an ancient seafaring civilization? 

Ten thousands of years before the arrival of Columbus, there is evidence of civilization existing in Costa Rica. Parque Nacional Guayabo in the southcental is the home of an ancient city with aqueducts and some marvelous gold and jade work. Some stones were also found here that resembled some kind of Calendar.

Evidence of the Olmec and Nahuatl Mexican civilizations influence are found in archeological sites in the central highlands and Guanacaste. By the time that Columbus arrived, there were four major native tribes: the Caribs (East Coast), the Chibchas, Borucas, and Diquis

spheresPerfectly spherical grandiorite esferas, (spheres) found near the west coast are among some of the unexplained cultural mysteries of this region. In the 40`s, the archeologist, Doris Stone began studying these stones. In 1979, when Ivar Zapp first encountered the great stone spheres of the Diquis Delta, in southern Costa Rica, he was struck by their size and the precision of their construction. It is thought they were made by a process of fracturing, pecking and grinding.

These impressive globes, weighing up to 30 tons and measuring up to three meters in diameter are perfect spheres to within 2 millimeters from any measurement of both their diameter and circumference.

Academic archaeologists attributed the spheres to the Chorotega Indians and have stated that they were constructed 1100 to 1400 years ago. There is nothing else in the record of the Chorotegas though and nothing in their tool chest that would indicate a capability to erect perfect spheres of such magnitude.

Megalithic construction predates smaller and inferior construction throughout the Americas. The earliest known people of the Americas, the Olmec, left images of themselves, carved in huge stones, at sites along the coastal Gulf of Mexico near present day Veracruz to the highlands of Guatemala.
If the spheres were clearly not the work of the Choretega, or any historical known culture in the Americas, one must ask "who" and "when" these spheres were constructed. South and Meso American cultures, going back to 2500BC exhibit no relationship to the spheres. Local myth, depicted the spheres as having "something" to do with astronomy. The few stones left in their natural setting are connected somehow to the sunrise on March 21st and September 21 st. Ivar began mapping the sightlines of the spheres that remained in situ.
Eventually he discovered that the sightlines did, in every instance, describe a geographical directional path to significant sites of the ancient world such as Stonehenge in England, the pyramids at Giza in Egypt and to Easter Island in Chile.

According to the writings of Plato, in the "Timaeus" and again in the "Critias", a vast island continent, beyond the Pillars of Hercules and across the ocean was destroyed by a natural cataclysm. It was a cataclysm of such great magnitude, that it "swallowed up" the land that was called Atlantis, and destroyed a great navigational culture leaving only "the bare bones" of that mysterious continent.

So far reaching were the effects of the cataclysm, that even Athens was affected and almost drowned under its force. In the aftermath of the cataclysm, the surviving remnants of humanity, who had once based their great city states on a mathematical harmony with the greater universe, lapsed into a primitive state and very slowly, began the process, of rebuilding civilization. Plato`s rendering of the destruction of the Golden Age had been dismissed as fiction and folly by many and has been misplaced geographically by others. However, his writings have provided us with a possible opening into what really might have happened thousands of years ago.

Following his substantial lead we have found positive and substantive evidence that Atlantis existed in a very real place, the Americas, a continent whose center is situated at the point where the great ocean currents came together and that creatively connected the diverse navigational cultures of the Golden Age.

Plato wrote of Atlantis, as a great island continent, a center of ancient knowledge with a navigational base at its capital city.costa rica indians The Americas form a great island continent, with an ancient navigational base, at its center. Plato also wrote of a Golden Age, wherein myth and knowledge of the heavens were recreated in ordered city states, on a peaceful Earth.
The sphere builders constructed an orderly precise depiction of the heavens. Were they descendants of Atlantis? If so, did they leave the legacy of their knowledge, to the Olmec and to the ancient Maya?

Unlike the Europeans that "discovered" them, the Maya were able to construct great city states that existed for centuries, without walls, without defensive fortifications, and with interconnecting roads and canals, that beckoned visitors from other cities and other continents.
The keen vision of the Mayan priests, looking through an unpolluted atmosphere, allowed them to view the heavens, in three dimensions, a wonderful event, that only sailors of the mid Pacific can now experience.
Were they the keepers of the knowledge of the Golden Age, an age of peace and mutual understanding?


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