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Spa Natural Treatments

Plan some fun and recreation: Relax and bask in the surrounding beauty and pools or restore your well-being with one of our treatments or activities.


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We encourage you to organize your own group of women friends who might be interested in doing this as a group. This will amount to a considerable savings for you as the planner.



Exotic Plants


Moisturizing: Papaya/Pineapple exfoliation with coconut, ginger and honey - We are using natural acids (alpha-hydroxy) which are mainly present in fruit for natural skin peeling to reveal fresh skin...similar to exfoliation but effected through natural fruit acids rather than exfoliating chemical creams

Natural Exfoliation: Mango - This is the perfect exfoliator with the effect of a fruited application at the same time. This fruit is full of vitamin A and the seed contains oil similar to cocoa butter

Papaya -Want to lighten and tighten the skin? Our papaya facial will amaze you with the immediate results. Even your freckles will be lightened

Hibiscus Aloe Moisturizer - This combination is highly mucilagenous and is very beneficial to dry skin

Papaya Pumpkin Facial - A Balinese secret that will leave your face fresh and glowing



LLuvia Crystal Exfoliation with Amazon Herbs followed by Lluvia - Mineral rich skin refining therapy folllowed by antioxidant skin renewal therapy -Camu Serum or Lluvia - (Camu Camu fruit has more than 4000 times the vitamin C of an orange)

Ginger-root-coconut oil scrub -Rich in collagen stimulating vitamin A, a must for skin regeneration. We start here.


Avocado/cream/carrot (45 min) - Mask is rich in Vit-E, beta-carotene and anti-oxidents, calcium and proteins. These will serve to (rebuild collegen), improve skin tone and texture and fade age spots....(Moisturizing)

Pineapple/Olive Oil

- This mask counteracts histamines, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a (mild astringent)

Spa Natural Treatments


- this COOL mask is particularly soothing on sunburn and is skin (regenerative)

Hibiscus Aloe Moisturizer

- This combination is highly mucilagenous and is very beneficial to (dry skin)

This is our special package to take care of you from beginning to end and to make you feel like a goddess

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