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CANo ISLANDThere are two ways to get to Caño Island. First, boating 25 kilometers through the mangroves starting at Sierpe, and finally reaching open sea and crossing the bar. This trip gives you a marvelous introduction to the ecosystem of the OSA Penninsula. You will see many animals, insects, birds and flora along the way. At one point you can look into the jungle and realize how incredibly dense it is. The second way to reach Caño is off the beach at Ballena National Park.

CANo ISLANDCaño Islands sits 16.5 miles west of the OSA Penninsula and harbors some of the bluest waters in the ocean. It is home to a spectacular gallery of marine flora and fauna. The coral reefs weave themselves around the island providing one of the best sites for snorkeling and diving in the world. Caño island is a land mass of 300species in cano island hectares with jagged rocky coastlines, a small white sandy beach and clifts up to 60 feet. Just in front of the white beach are rocky areas full of hundreds of small rock fish. It is here the boats will anchor off shore and assist you in your endeavors to snorkel.

Each company will have it`s own special protocols and will provide you with all your needs in terms of equipment. Please bring lots of sun tan lotion and your own special needs.

Your first snorkeling session can be up to several hours, followed by a packed lunch provided by the diving company. They will take you to shore, set up the lunch and allow you a good hour or so for lunch, exploration and relaxation or wadding in the rocky areas close to shore. Following lunch all will be loaded back into the boats and a return to more snorkeling or back to the mainland depending on time.

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