Want to look fantastic all the time and not just alter that morning application?

* BROWS : As we age our brows tend to get thinner or even disappear. Our brows are one of the most important features of our face and having well formed brows will beautifully frame the eyes, accent the face and give an overall more youthful appearance. The soft-tap method allows us to design individual hair strokes or fill in brows lightly or more solidly

*EYELINER of the eyes adds life and sparkle to the eyes. As we age and our eyes become more far-sighted we don't always draw nice neat lines. Sof-tap lines will give you that perfect line for all times. Eyeliner dramatically improves the shape of the eyes.

*LIPS/LIP-LINER: Beautiful lips are a real attentions getter. Are you tired of applying your lip liner and lipstick repeatedly during the day, only to have it smear, bleed into the cracks or wear off with eating and talking. Would you like more definition, have fuller lips or correct a crooked line or distortion? Did you know that lip line definition fades with age as does our actual lip color?


  • Does it hurt?  Probably no more than plucking your eyebrows.  A topical anesthetic is used so in most cases any discomfort is minimal.
  • Will I be laid up for days?  No, you should be able to go about the day’s business with virtually no discomfort.  Occasionally there is some swelling but this is not the norm.
  • Is it really permanent?  It is permanent, but some need a touch-up in 3-5 years.  People who sun-bathe or use certain cosmetic products will accelerate the fading.
  • Can I pick my color?  Absolutely!  A preliminary color and outline will be agreed upon.  You can even change the color with the second touch-up session. 
  • How long does it take and how much does it cost?  It takes approximately an hour for each procedure.  Cost is currently $150 per procedure.