medical tourism

Medical Tourism

Make me over!

I wish to be MORE beautiful !

Find the DIVINE in you

. Giving you the names of the best surgeons . Making sure you are met, have transportation and are safe during your stay in San Jose
. Having a room for you at a private Manor for your first night, after surgery, and for your last night in San Jose.
. Help you to check in to the hospital and being in touch with your medical staff, before, during and alter surgery.
. Making transportation arrangements for all stages of your visit: plane, bus, or taxi to the Manor, The MangoTree Spa and the hospital.
. Total relaxation at the Mango Tree Spa where you can plan on a healthy healing experience and a far more speedy recovery with natural techniques to facilitate the process, including organic and healthy food.
. A group atmosphere with other goddesses going through similar surgical procedures.
. Return transportation to the airport for departure from San Jose. You will be met and assisted to the Manor or your connecting plane.

medical tourismWe ask you to bring the glowing, flowing clothes you have squirreled away in your closet for that wonderfully imagined day of bliss.  Bring them and, wear your goddess clothes with pride, joy and fun.  
medical tourism

STAY at The Mango Tree Spa on the South

Pacific coast and enjoy  the  rest  of  your  re-cooperation  in a  gorgeous  tranquil setting with the best of healthy food, relaxation, breathing training, massage and many other treatments that will enhance and facilitate a more rapid healing.

LARGE PRIVATE VILLAS  for your comfort and privacy. medical lodge Full kitchens, a living room single bed, 

separate bedroom with a Queen bed.  Double sinks, lockable walk-in closets and a terrace in the jungle canopy.  Phone and internet available.  Laundry service and rancho kitchen available for multi-purposes.    Full-time guard and security with a locked Porton or gate.medical tourism


Where are we located?  On the Pacific Coastal highway, 40 minutes south of  DOMINICAL and 20 minutes north of Palmar Sur (the airport)…..the most gorgeous part of Costa Rica where the mountains meet the Pacific  Ocean.

We are just  45 mins  AWAY BY AIR       
Daily Flights Leave San Jose 9:30 AM

SANSA AIR     —-      506 2221-9414

NATURE AIR  —-      506 2299-6000  www.Nature

Plan some fun and recreation:  Relax and bask in the  surrounding beauty and pools or restore your well-being with one of our treatments or activities.


·      Massage

·      Natural fruit facials, exfoliates, wraps and masks

·      Electro micro-current treatments for rapid healing, toning to reduce swelling, and  for wrinkle reduction (See Articles section)

·      Skin needling

·      Restylane for lips and wrinkle lines

·      Proper breathing for healing (See articles)

·      Bump removal:  moles, skin tags, and some skin cancers  

·      Permanent cosmetics with hand technique (softap) and no down-time

·      Manicures and Pedicures

·      Aura pictures with Russian camera and technique

We encourage you to organize your own group of women friends who might be interested in doing this as a group.  This will amount to a considerable savings  for you as the planner.

This is our special package to take care of you from beginning to end and to make you feel like a goddess
medical Hotel