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The Terraba-Sierpe mangroves are among the most extensive and most significant in the world. Along the Pacific coast they are considered the most important ecosystem. The mangroves are found where intertidals waters occur between fresh and salt water. The mangrove trees are the only flora able to survive in salt water and airless mud. Their roots actually contain higher levels of salt than sea salt and they excrete salt through their leaves. To aerate and survive they grow their roots above the flood tides providing an intricate network for numerous sea mammals to hide.

MANGROVEOne of best places to view the mangroves is down the Sierpe River. You can double-up on this by choosing to go deep sea fishing or Caño Island diving/snorkeling out of Sierpe. We would highly recommend this route. From Ojochal to Sierpe, our Mangrooves are fed by the Gran Terraba River that feeds the largest concentration of Mangroves on the Pacific side.

NIGHT CAIMEN AND CROCODILE TOURS are available. The mangroves are teaming with life including the three toed sloth, anteater, crocodile, iguanas, caiman, snake, scarlet macaw, toucan, woodpecker, torogon, bat and so on. Guided multi-lingual tours are offered to explore this largest Mangrove Reserve in Costa Rica. There are many options for view trips: night trips, day trips, and ocean trips. You can go by kayak or small motor boat. Please enquire and Mango Tree Spa  will set you up with the best possibilities in the area to suit your time frame and needs.

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