human energy fieldTHE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD is a real energy medicine diagnosis.  This aura photograph is a photograph of the high frequency electrical field around a person or object. Information for the human body is derived from the aura of the 10 fingertips, quantified with Mandelian German mathematics, and based on Chinese meridians and Indian Chakra information.  The radiance and uniformity of the wave emissions serves to reveal much information about the object or person under examination.  THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD is required in Russia as part of the medical diagnosis.  Beside an energy field picture the analysis reveals: the energy condition of systems and organs with regard to entropy, physiological stress level, and provides a way to monitor responses during treatment and the effect of allergic reactions to one's energy.  This program was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a physicist at St. Petersberg State Tech. in Russia in the 1990's and provides the most recent method of evaluating life energies in biological objects or humans.