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We don`t know so many things about our early, early ancestors. Who were these people? Where did they originate? What did they do? Were they from another planet? Why did they build the pyramids, the Nazca lines, stonehedge, the SPHERES (ESFERAS) of this south central coast of Costa Rica?

Major questions about these stone spheres exist. Experts are in general agreement that they do not know the reasons that the spheres were made about 1100 A.D. (?) or the use to which they were put. According to the latest book they were fabricated by the ancestors of who today are the BORUCA Indians who still live in the area.

There is a lot of speculation, and the possibilities including the usual assembly of spacemen, time warps and mythical creatures. The professionals who are more subdued think the stone spheres were used to mark important buildings and the dwellings of leaders. Others connect them to stars, shipping lines, AND connections to the other wonders of the world.

For those still questioning what transpired many years ago, the SPHERES, the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES of the area, our own stone carving near the SPA, come and speculate, research if you are so inclined, or simply wonder!

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