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hacienda baruJust north of Dominical is Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge (830 acres) where the well-known author (Monkeys are made of Chocolate) and conversationalist, Jack Ewing. The tours are designed to connect the visitor with the trees, animals and plants and to show  the interconnection of all three. This refuge is a true testament to the incredible intricacies of nature. Their tour leaders will show you creatures you never suspected were right in front of your eyes.

Hacienda Baru offers numerous tours and adventures: Nature trails to explore, an Orchid garden, the beach, Bird watching, Canopy tours, Tree climbing, visiting the canopy platform, guided hikes and the mangrove walks.

Hacienda Barú is internationally recognized for its wildlife refuge and its work in local conservation. Their guide`s keen senses and local knowledge can open the wonders of the forest and beach for you. To date, they have identified over 310 species of birds within the refuge alone. Here is a list of their guided tours from the top of the forest canopy to the beach.

Their High Season covers the months from December 15 to April 15. Green Season goes from April 16 to December 14. Group rates are also available and are applied for groups larger than 6 people.

All rates are by per person basis.

Platform Canopy Observation Platform
Ascend over 105 feet to platform suspended in the canopy of a magnificent tree. Tour lasts two to three hours and requires no prior experience. Includes: guides, equipment and a hoist to platform.

Rate per person: US$35 per person 12 person at one time

Tree Climbing
We recommend this trip for the more adventurous. Climb into the canopy with a naturalist guide beside you all of the way. They will instruct you in basic climbing techniques and safety.
Includes: all equipment and guide.

Rate per person: US$35 per person (maximun 2 people)

Wide tree Night in the Jungle
Wake to the sounds of the tropical forest in the morning. This is the best way we know for all ages to experience the tropical forest. Hike leaves in the afternoon to a fully-equipped tent camp. All you need is a flashlight, repellent, and a change of cloths. Includes: dinner, breakfast, and guides.

Rate per person: US$60 (maximun 8)

Night on the Beach
A great alternative (or addition) to the Night in the Jungle. The secluded beach camp located near the mangroves is about a mile hike from the cabins. Includes: dinner, breakfast, and guides.

Rate per person: US $60 per person (maximun 8)

The Rainforest Experience Wide tree
A full-day natural history tour that takes you through various types of forest. Great for birding. Includes: guide, snacks, and lunch.

Rate: US$20 (per person. Minimun 2, maximun 8)

Mangrove and Beach Walk
A two to three hour hike along the mangrove, seashore, riverbank, and pasture. Includes: guide.

Rate: US$20 (per person, minimun 2 person)

Hacienda Barú is internationally recognized for its wildlife refuge and its work in local conservation.

Their Tours:
PlatformCanopy Observation Platform
Tree Climbing
Wide treeNight in the Jungle
Night on the Beach
The Rainforest Experience Wide tree
Mangrove and Beach Walk

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