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Your skin product is being penetrated to the deeper layers of the skin surface

Skin is becoming more hydrated

Collagen is being formed and

Elastin is being formed

A new connective tissue layer is re-forming, particularly that between the skin and the underlying muscle

The muscle cells and skin cells in the
targeted areas are receiving more nutrients across the cell membrane

Waste products from normal cellular activity are being released at an accelerated rate

New skin cells are being formed at an accelerated rate down at the Germitive Layer

The neuro-muscular re-education aspects of treatment are causing a lifted appearance to facial features

The balancing technique creates more facial symmetry from right-to-left sides of the face

Beneficial Neurotransmitters (helpful brain chemicals) are being released, causing overall relalxation and central nervoussystem stimulation which has positive effects on one's overall health and well-being

Rejuvenation Technologies Esthetician Model: Rejuvenator MCR-3

micro currentIn the area of facial rejuvenation (non-surgical face lifts) most of the Micro Current machines on the market either just tone OR lift the skin. The Rejuvenator MCR-3 is an ALL-IN-ONE machine that TONES, LIFTS & BALANCES the skin to provide better and longer-lasting results for your client.

Not only can it provide non-surgical facelifts by toning, lifting and balancing the skin, it can retrain facial muscles and features. This neuromuscular interaction helps maximize the lifting procedure. It also helps re-hydrate and regenerate the collagen and elastin beneath the skin; increases cellular nutrient absorption and can be used for a plethora of other applications like: cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, detoxification, massage enhancement, body sculpting and body contouring.

There are 3 ways of tightening and relaxing muscles to improve overall skin tone and skin color. The unit has variable intensity settings for maximum patient comfort. There is even a built-in back up Intensity Channel 2 in the rare event of Channel 1 malfunction, so that you don't have to ever miss a treatment or you can even use Channel 2 to do 2 treatments at once!

The variable penetration level settings gain maximum penetration and results from your skin products. Plus with Micro Current Rejuvenator MCR-E3 the client receives relaxation and stress reduction benefits to produce an overall sense of well-being.

This Esthetician friendly machine comes with multiple accessories which allows greater adaptability for a wide range of applications. Designed to be an open, flexible system, the machine is stationary in its own docking station or it can be used without the docking station as a portable unit.

Rejuvenation Technologies PLASMA-RAYT

The PLASMA-RAYT is a simple-to-use device that is equipped with three specially crafted inert gas bulbs, a special interchangeable handle and comes in a sturdy carrying case.

What Happens When You Use the PLASMA-RAY?

Rapid flushing of toxins and lactic acid.

Change of vicosity of lymphatic fluids causing more free flow through the lymphatic channels.

Rapid break-up of protein clusters and some fatty deposits that tend to clog the lymphatic circulatory system.

Warm, soothing and relaxing effect on overworked and strained muscles.

Relaxation of the Central Nervous System and neurotransmitter release.