Costa Rican Spa And Health Resort

Our SPA treatments are about the whole person and are special. We recomend you start with breathing. (See articles)
We offer deep breathing with a capnograph to give you an accurate measure of your breathing. There is no other way to teach breathing and produce true results. We offer massage and many facial and body treatments using the freshest and most natural of products. We do ugly bump removal with a cauterizing machine. This is quick and very safe in preventing infections, especially in this tropical climate. Our permanent cosmetics are applied by hand and not the machine technique. The effect is most natural and elegant. Our martial arts are dependent upon visiting practitioners. Please join us and partake in treating yourself to our special treatments. We would like to encourage and draw you to this wonderful setting to offer your teachings as well. We hope to hear from you.

While enjoying a SPA retreat vacation there are many eco-trips available for your enjoyment and participation. Look at our many packages or design your own.