The company is dedicated to the planting and cultivation of Bamboo, counting on 24 years of experience that has facilitated the development of a technological base making them leaders in the national marketplace.

Bambu Tico has begun a conscience-building campaign in our local communities, with the goal of making known the urgency of rebuilding so many natural ecosystems destroyed by the irresponsible hand of man. Here was born the idea of substituting for wood a natural product that does not pollute the environment, but rather ensures its sustainability; specifically Bamboo, a special species of the Gramineas but with extraordinary qualities as wood and fiber. It is of the fastest growing and reproducing species and by following concepts of sustainable development, can do much to reduce pressure on our native forests. In the adjoining house is:


Next to Bamboo Tico is Sur Bamboo where bamboo furniture is made. This is a fascinating place to visit, to watch the actual construction of Bamboo furniture, the firing of it to dry it and make it a dark brown color and to watch the finishing of the products. The whole enterprise is surrounded by acres of growing bamboo.