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NAUYACA FALLSWaterfalls are one of Costa Rica`s main attractions. There are numerous waterfalls along the south coast and are known for many associated activities, from swimming in the numerous pools, climbing the falls, basking in the natural Jacuzzi formations, jumping into the deep waters, feeling refreshed by the cool waters to bird and plant scouting.

The most well favored trip is one offered by Don Lulo which begins on horseback above Dominical. Saddling up around 8 am the well versed guides and horses (picked to suit your experience) set out down toward the Baru river below. The first stop is at Don Lulo`s house for a delightful "Tico" breakfast, all the while being entertained by Scarlet Macaws and a very friendly toucan. It is difficult to leave, but finally, after breakfast the guides will take you through a jungle, cross two rives and then down the mountain side to the incredible spectacle of a double waterfall towering 150 and 65 feet in the air.
The natural swimming hole below is 20 feet deep with a 3000 sq. ft. surface area. You can plunge into this crystalline pool or climb the waterfall with the aide of the guides and ropes.

Leaving this area around noon you will return for a sumptuous lunch of chicken, potatoes, rice, beans and other delights back at Don Lulo`s. The trip ends close to 2:30 back at the starting point. It is well priced and very popular excursion.



Just a few kilometers from the SPA is the Talapia farm and waterfalls. Here you can fish for your own Talapia for lunch and dine under a delightful Costa Rican owned open aired restaurant. This is one our favorite meals along the coast. Before or after the lunch enjoy walking (100meters) to the spectacular waterfall and swimming area for a quick refresher. The only charge is for the fishing experience (minimal) and the lunch.


LOCAL WATERFALLS AND POSSIBILITIESWe have friends who would welcome a visit to their glorious waterfall properties. Eric Rivkin is a well known raw food chef. If you bring a bag of fresh vegetables and fruits he will before your very eyes concoct a delicious meal. This is a fun experience and his 800 feet of waterfalls are spectacular. This experience is seasonal and not always accessible in the rainy season.

Another friend will concoct a delicious vegetarian meal and bless you and a spiritual exchange under her glorious waterfalls.


THE MANGO TREE SPA has it is own series of waterfalls and river hiking within walking distance of the SPA. There are five falls, a natural Jacuzzi-like pool and four or five actual deep swimming holes. This can be accessed during the dry season as well.

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