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This is one of our absolute favorites and it is not well known and therefore very real and not touristy. If you are interested in plant medicine, personal contact with the plants and would like an unforgettable experience of genuine healthy plant food this is the place to visit. Robert Beatham is one of the most genuine human beings you will ever meet.

One and a half hours from The Mango Tree Spa you drive south through Palmar Sur toward Golfito. Just before you arrive at Rio Claro and the bridge, you will see a small sign for the Botanical gardens. Turn left and within a few blocks are the gardens. If you make an appointment, Robert will personally take you on a tour of the gardens, describing the botanical name and potential medicinal use of the plant.

If you ask him for a small piece of the plant he will send his gardener out to dig up a part of the plant for you to take home. At the completion of the tour expect to return to the starting point with an outdoor display with labels of many of the plants you saw.  If lucky you will be offered some tasty morsels and if really lucky lunch.  Robert is a connoisseur of plant food medicine and taste.

Once you are satiated with taste testing and have obtained those plants you wish to take home with you, it is up to you to leave a donation. This is truly a trip to remember and you will find Robert to be one of the kindest, most interesting, and generous of men you will ever meet.

You must make an appointment for this experience. Very few know of this garden and it is possibly my favorite of all my experiences in Costa Rica. This is due to Robert`s knowledge. Don`t miss this experience if you are a plant medicine enthusiast.

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