On your way to the quaint little fishing village of Sierpe is Finca #6, six kilometers from Palmar Sur. Finca 6 is one of the designated archeological sites for the famous spheres found only in the Diquis Delta in Costa Rica. The largest was found here. While searching for new grounds for Banana Plantations in the 30’s, the United Fruit Company discovered the first spheres while burning the fields. Most were buried deep in the ground. While many legends existed over the years as to the origin and meaning of the spheres, the one that seems to hold the most weight today is the one connecting the spheres to astronomy.

Their absolute purpose is unknown, the civilization that created them is unknown for sure and the age of these spheres is unknown. Artifacts found lying beside them date as far back as 400 BC. In total over 300 have been found, ranging in size from a few centimeters to over two meters, all mathematically nearly perfectly round (96%). Most are sculptured from granodiorite, an igneous rock similar to granite. A few along the coast were made of coquina, a limestone like material, and some from gabbo.

Some are found in clusters up to 20 and often in geometric patterns in alignment with the earth’s magnetic north. Few have been found in Guanacaste and the Central Valley. The majority are in the Diquis Delta. One of the great mysteries is how they were moved from the non existing rock quarries in this area to their location. Some have even been found on Caño Island, about 25 miles off the coast.

You can visit the various farms or the many parks around the area that display these sphere or “espheras”.

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