• What are you bringing to the table when you travel?
  • Will your activities and choices contribute to the conservation of biological resources?
  • Have you taken the time and learned about the area you are visiting….  about the customs and basics of the language?
  • You are the visitor to their country.  Be aware of their customs, dress, cultural values, time, expressions (pura vida), time (mañana), i.e. the differences.
  • Avoid showing your wealth.  Know if tips are expected.  Do not use your money as power.  Don’t show your cameras, rings and watches.  Avoid displaying them.

Your passport is a precious item.  Make a plastic copy to carry around.  Avoid temptation.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected.  In Costa Rica, do not get mad when things don’t go your way.  Avoid being the ugly visitor.  Be a good Shepard of your country.
  • Be aware of endangered species and resources.  Bring a re-useable water bottle rather than buying bottled water and throwing away those plastic bottles in the local garbage.
  • Remove and be responsible for your litter, whether it be orange peels, food, toilet paper or whatever.  We don’t want your garbage.  Do not buy or encourage the local use of natural resources as souvenirs.
  • Be willing to ask your tour guide what they do to keep you green.  The larger the company the less likely they are offering true ecotourism.
  • Support the local economies.  Shop, eat and use local resources.  Keep the wealth where it belongs.
  • Always be a cultural ambassador.  Represent your country to the best of your ability and be on your best behavior in theirs.  Connect with the local people and discover some of the most rewarding experiences of your life.
  • Continue to be an eco-tourist when you return home.  Learn from your experience abroad.

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