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Our Featured Therapist

Melissa Bukosky-Boodjeh
is a certified Hatha yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching hundreds of students since 1999.She has well over 800 hrs. of advanced study and teacher trainings hours to her credit. Melissa has advanced training and certification in a
variety of healing, heart-centered styles including Anusara Yoga, Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, and
Yoga for the (Heart Cardiac/Cancer).

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The Mango Tree Spa was created to help people create a better life for themselves. Many of us aspire to be all that we can be - to maximize our potential - and we have developed treatments, programs and workshops that are designed to support you.

What resonates with you?
  • Am I following my dreams and passions?
  • Do I eat healthful foods, not smoke or drink and take regular exercise?
  • Am I giving myself sufficient time to rest and play?
  • Am I managing my stress and breathing properly?
  • Can I access my spiritual self and enhance my vitality?
  • Do I have past wounds to heal?
  • Do I understand the law of attraction?

What came up for you? This may be the perfect point in your journey to turn your life around. We are here to help you begin on that road to full wellness, where you can learn and grow from your experiences.

At The Mango Tree Spa and Healing Arts Center, our desire is to help you find your way. You may just want help in starting up the path, or simply to recharge your soul. Or we can work with you intensely to help create the YOU that you would like to be.

Our qualifies therapists

Melissa Bukosky-Boodjeh, M.S.,CYT. is a certified Hatha yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching hundreds of students since 1999. Yoga allows Melissa to offer the benefits of yoga to a large cross-section of the community. She works with each individual student to custom design a yoga practice based on ability and condition. Techniques taught include: yoga postures using principles of
biomechanics; Pranamassage/body Yoga therapy; stress management using breathing and relaxation exercises; guided positive imagery and meditation.

Dr. Walter J. Urban
Book LinkDr. Walter J. Urban is a Research Psychoanalyst registered with the medical Board of California. He is the founder and Director and Visionary of the Energy of Life Institute in Costa Rica and consultant to the Dance of Life Massage School. Dr. Urban is the author of 'Do You Have the Courage to Change: The 12 reasons Why People Don't Change and How You Can' and of 'Integrative Therapy: Foundations of Holistic and Self Healing', published in 1978. This was the first book published on Integrative therapy. He was a consultant on a National Institute of Mental Health Grant from the US Government and Director of the Theodor Reiki consultation center of New York and the director and owner of the El Reposo Health Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

He is a member of the first World Leaders Conference on raw food. Please refer to www.drwalterurban.com for more information as it is too much to state here. 'When I was asked who I am, my answer is, love, compassion, spirit and part of nature.'

Dr. Urban has many talents and workshops to offer, from nutrition, polarity, energy robbery, business consulting, smiling meditation, and responsible choices to conflict resolution.

Heather Argentine
Heather is licensed in Napa, the heart of California's wine county. She gained valuable, advanced skincare knowledge and protocol while working with a Northern California Dermatologist. She was also trained extensively in European facial massage techniques by France's top rated skincare company Caudalie Vinotherapie while working at a premier destination spa, The Kenwood Inn & Spa, Sonoma County, California.

Heather offers facials, scrubs and wraps, as well as hand, foot, neck and head massage.

Stephanie O'Neil
Stephanie O'Neil is a Registered Nurse with a degree in Psychology. She is a licensed massage therapist and has extensive background in all areas of the healing arts. At present Stephanie is focused on the exploration and application of new areas in energy medicine including the use of far-infrared technology along with Rife therapy, flower essences, and homeopathies in conjunction with traditional medicine, massage and body work techniques.

Melanie Parker
Melanie Parker has worked within the natural health industry in Canada and the US for 37 years. In the early 90's, she managed the greenhouse for Hippocrates Health Institute, a live food treatment center founded by Dr. Ann Wigmor and based on the processes of detoxification and rebuilding health by lifestyle. Later she worked as a manager of many different health food stores, both large and small. Eventually, she left the retail business to form her own wellness consultation company, within which she was able to help many people learn how to help themselves through knowledge of holistic health methods, both ancient and contemporary. She now resides in Costa Rica....Pura Vida

Mango Rose
I own The Mango Tree Spa, and the creation of this space brings together years of journeying and growing. Back in the States, I owned a successful Stress Management and Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Center.

I grew up in a troubled Indonesia, and I have spent a lifetime researching and learning. I have been to Himalayas twice to research on breathing, and have been to China to study intensive ChiQong. In the Amazon I learned about the plants of the rainforest, and learned more about myself by researching my family's history in Australia. I have slain my share of a 'dragons', and learned how and when to let go of things; and to stand up when I believed in something. I finally landed in Costa Rica building this spa for the ultimate test to find out if I had what it takes, and on many levels, this was my most difficult 'assignment' yet. And now I'm thrilled to be able to offer you this wonderful space in which to grow, heal, learn and feel inspired. I offer an extensive range of wonderful treatments, along with both resident and visiting therapists.

I would be delighted to personally take you through how The Mango Tree Spa can support you. today for more information or book your stay here.